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Proudly serving residents and businesses in Wash DC, No Virginia, and Maryland

Started 30+ years ago our focus became to offer a variety of options to those looking to update their older bathrooms. In 2001 we opened with expanded our services and opened a franchise specializing in repairing and resurfacing tubs, tiles and other surfaces. We found that while resurfacing / reglazing is a great option, often other items are needed and desired. We still do a great deal of resurfacing, and for those considering it we strongly encourage they contact a reputable professional.

Property Doctor was opened in 2008 to fill the void – clients that may not want to do a complete renovation but just updates or looking for options in designing their perfect solution.

Our employees work full time to support our clients, and we are proud of their contributions and longevity with the company. In Management, Mike Weller brings 30+ years of painting and drywall expertise and is the original founder of Property Doctor LLC. Mary Ann O’Hara brings 20+ years in bathroom design and as well as graduate work in Construction Management.

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